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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Creating a room that your children would love has benefits. They will look forward to sleeping in their own rooms and they will be less afraid of the “monsters under the bed” at night.

We often think that a pretty room can only be achieved by means of a weekend paint job or some major renovation, but with little creativity, some art materials, and a nail or two—you can turn a bare bedroom into a whimsical space that’s reminiscent of a fairy tale setting. Consider these ideas:


Invest in adorable wall stickers to add a cute vibe

There are so many adorable wall decals and stickers that can be purchased online. Get crazy and let your imagination run wild as you search for wall stickers that you can add to the space.  With today’s international shipping options these can be delivered straight to your home.


Work with colorful cutouts

A white wall makes the perfect canvass for you to cut out simple shapes to put around the room. They’re easy enough to execute in an hour and yield stunning results.

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Display some photos or artwork in colorful frames to make a wall statement

Hanging prints and photos in complementing patterns and colors using pretty frames will make your kid’s room stunning. The trick is to mix-and-match while using colors that work well together.


Hang buntings and paper lanterns for a simple room change

 Kids love to look at things hanging from the ceiling and mounting some paper lanterns and pretty butings can dramatically add interest to the room. Opt for lanterns in various sizes for a maximum effect.


Display your children’s artwork to create a focal point in the room

With a few yards of yarn and some wooden clothespins, you can create a memorable wall art in the kid’s room. Mix in a few professional art prints or inspirational quotes in lettering and you’ll have one focal point in the room that will yield dramatic results.