What Suits You Better: Leather or Fabric?
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What Suits You Better: Leather or Fabric?

Would you go for a leather? Or fabric?

If you cannot decide on what type or brand of sofa you would want for your living room, start with the materials, especially between fabric or leather sofas.
A sofa is a big investment so you have to ensure that it also suits the style of your living room. We looked around some inspirations in Pinterest and found some that are definitely eye-candies.


Leather sofas are usually picked for practicality, color durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike fabric, leather doesn’t accumulate dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens easily which also makes it safe when somebody at home has allergies. In terms of appearance, leather sofas are usually on the side of sleek and classic elegance.



When it comes to comfort and versatility in style, fabric sofas are much preferred by many. Often times, it can store cool temperature and warms longer than leather. Fabric sofas are available in many hues and designs, and tend to add to a contemporary vibe to a home. Also, fabric sofas usually comes cheaper, so if you’re budget constraint, better try look at variety of designs.



Sometimes, for a broader and much more creative styling, mixing different the two kinds of sofa can do classy transformations.