Interior Talk

Debunking interior design myths and misconceptions


An exquisite interior design can turn a dreadful space into a comfortable and stylish place. It all depends on whether we know how to do it or we know what we want but sometimes it just doesn’t do justice. The best way is to hire an experienced designer to explain to them what we want and how to achieve the most comforting space we crave only if it weren’t for those misconceptions about interior design that are spreading around for a very long time.

In order for this, we’re going to overthrow some of the most used lines and excuses and common misconceptions and myths about interior designers and the interior design itself.


1. Hiring an Interior Designer is very-err I repeat-VERY costly.

How will you know if you never ask? Most of us designers will ask you of your budget bracket, the scale of the project and your time frame and from that we’ll provide options and work on something that doesn’t go overboard on what you can spend. Besides, you can always give your idea or tell us what you don’t like. We are trained to predict what you need and will give you every solution before you tell us what you want. It will be less risky and more reflective of your personality than doing last minute changes on your own that will end up in disaster.

2. Interior design doesn’t take much time or effort

Design projects can take a lot of time because the whole process requires our skills, attention and knowledge of the many specialists who work with us designers. If you embark on a project that’s like what you’ve just watch on a reality tv show wherein they did a makeover in just a day or two and it looks amazing and in great quality, you’ll only end up very disappointed. Transformations like these can be fun and fuels up your brain on some DIY but be cautious. If you watch very closely you might notice that quality is being sacrificed in every way. Always remember, it’s not always what it seems on media.

3. Interior Designers are omniscient

We as designers know much more than average laypeople but that doesn’t mean we know everything so expect us to ask a lot of questions. As I’ve said, you do want your space to reflect your personality besides the exquisite look. We make use of our knowledge to fill the information gaps with your ideas of what has or needs to be done. We don’t want to be told “do anything that you want” because it will only end unsuccessfully. After all, we have our different perception to things.

4. Interior design is all about décor

The practice of interior architecture requires designers to consider that has everything to do with the building materials, finishes. electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonometrics, and intelligent use of space. Interior designers who are trained in interior architecture is usually present at, and has an important say during all stages of the construction process-from the initial plans right through to the finishing touches. We just don’t “play” with fabrics, color, etc. We make any space functional, safe and beautiful.

5. You don’t need to have an education to become an Interior Designer

There are people out there claiming to be interior designers when they don’t have any formal education claiming they have a perfect taste, perfect understanding of form, functionality and such. As I’ve said previously, this profession is very challenging because it includes a variety of tasks and requires a great deal of skills and knowledge. Hiring a professional designer frees you from the headache, clutter and disaster.


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