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Best Plants for Improving the Office Environment

  Plants boosts our productivity and enhances the overall appearance of an office. It also detoxifies the air and reduces stress sans providing a harmonious workplace. So if our workplace is dull and depressing, we will all lose our interest in working.

Here are some plants that are scientifically proven to improve the work environment.         

  • Cactus

Cactus comes in different variation. It requires a lot of sunlight and a bit of water. These plants are ideal for those who are busy and it doesn’t require a lot of care.

  • Aloe

Many aloe species are highly decorative and are valued by collectors of succulents. Aloe vera the most common of them is used both internally and externally on humans, and is claimed to have some medicinal effects and air-filtering qualities.

  • Jade plant

Other name is Crosula Ovata. Jade plant is known as the “money plant” in Japanese folklore because the legend has it that its presence brings financial success.

  • African Violet

Saintpaulia or African Violet is a flowering plant that requires a bit more maintenance than others. They’re great for adding a splash of color to a dreary office environment.

  • Peace Lily

The “Mauna Loa” is known for filtering up the air. It is ideal for a space that lacks big windows as it can grow in low light and heavy in air condotioning.

  • Agave

It is a succulent plant that needs very little care. It blooms in the wild only once in its life and endures long periods without water and grows slowly.

  • Snake plant

This plant can go weeks without water and can keep in a dark corner. It has attractive sword-like leaves that grow tall and can make an excellent focal point.

  • English Ivy

Also known as Hedera helix is a clinging evergreen vine that helps eliminate mold and filter out air.

  • Pothos

A Pothos plant can really wake up a bland desk space. It will grow into a beautiful vine and can be used for tabletops but also great in hanging pieces. It adapts well to a variety of office conditions and doesn’t require much care.

  • Gerber daisy

Also known as Gerbera, this flowering plant that filters out air toxins from printing systems.

  • Azalea

These visually appealing plants filters the air in a space. It can also grow into cool places and may need to be watered often (regular misting) to increase the humidity around them, and to deter spider mites which can sometimes plague them if the atmosphere is too dry.


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